Super hot temperature in your engine could be threatening to the emissions efficiency in your vehicle, and that's the reason you'll find an EGR valve mounted in your Ford Windstar-to protect the engine from getting too heated. The Ford Windstar EGR valve is engineered to deliver a specific amount of exhaust gases to the intake system and the cylinders in order to cool the combustion chamber, preventing the increase of engine temperature.

Aside from exhaust performance, the EGR valve also affects the overall productivity of your automotive engine-problems experienced by the device often causes a poor ride. As soon as the Ford Windstar EGR valve ends up busted, you'll most likely encounter roughness when idling and stalling-don't neglect such concerns or these can bring about considerable complications. When conducting an inspection of the said component, be specifically careful in looking whether the part is jammed and seized in the open or close position; this is a usual problem involving EGR valves today.

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