Extreme temperature in your engine could be unfavorable to your car emissions, and that's why you'll find an EGR valve mounted in your Ford Probe-to keep your car motor from getting too hot. The Ford Probe EGR valve is developed to send a particular percentage of exhaust gases to the intake and the cylinders to lower the temperature in the combustion chamber, eliminating the surge of engine temp.

While the EGR valve particularly affects emissions, it also impacts the overall productivity of your engine; its damage may cause specific engine problems. As soon as your Ford Probe EGR valve ends up defective, expect to feel roughness during idling along with stalling-never disregard these issues or they may bring about major conditions. Anytime you're carrying out an assessment of the valve, be specifically cautious in examining if the part is jammed open or close and unmoving; it is a common issue among EGR valves at present.

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