Although your Ford Ltd Ii motor necessities high temperature to work, excessive heat is bad as it increases production of poisonous exhaust-stop excessive temperature in the engine with an EGR valve. Built to cool the cylinders by diluting the air and fuel mixture with exhaust fumes, the Ford Ltd Ii EGR valve may considerably enhance your auto's emissions functionality.

While the EGR valve directly influences emissions, it also impacts the total productivity of your vehicle powerplant; its damage could lead to various troubles in your engine. When your Ford Ltd Ii EGR valve becomes damaged, you can expect to experience roughness when idling along with stalling-don't disregard these concerns or they may trigger considerable conditions. If you are carrying out an assessment of this part, be especially cautious in looking whether the device is jammed open or close and unmoving; it's a usual problem involving EGR valves today.

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