Minor portions of nitrogen oxide will be mixed with the gases inside an extremely hot combustion chamber; the surroundings will likely be endangered if this occurs. The Ford Lcf EGR valve prevents the creation of NOX, or nitrogen oxides, in the chamber as well as halts it from being emitted straight into the environment. EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation and this part has been greatly utilized for several years now in order to reduce smog.

To allow the exhaust gas return to the combustion chamber, the vital EGR system uses a vacuum controlled valve. With a bit of exhaust directed in to the chamber, nitrogen oxides are minimized and pollution in the atmosphere is also greatly lowered. An efficient EGR valve also lends greater power into the engine by keeping the perfect level of air mixture that's needed to obtain combustion. A blocked EGR valve could cause irregularities in the efficiency, such as valve knock and in most situations, even rough idling. A stuffed valve may also slow down the velocity of your ride.

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