Extreme engine temperatures can be detrimental to your car emissions, and that's the reason why you'll find an EGR valve mounted in your Ford Ft-to secure the engine from turning too heated. Designed to decrease heat in the cylinders by combining the air-fuel mix with exhaust fumes, the Ford Ft EGR valve could significantly enhance your auto's exhaust functionality.

Although the EGR valve specifically influences exhaust emissions, it additionally has an impact on the total efficiency of the vehicle powerplant; its damage may lead to certain engine problems. If your Ford Ft EGR valve ends up damaged, expect to experience roughness during idling and stalling-don't disregard the said issues or these may lead to serious troubles. Cautiously examine the part and pay particular attention to its capacity to open or close-most EGR valves get damaged in the form of being stuck, ending up unable to manage the circulation of exhaust.

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