Super hot temp in your car motor might be detrimental to exhaust emissions, and that's why you have an EGR valve in your Ford Freestar-to secure the engine from turning too hot. Your Ford Freestar EGR valve is engineered to direct a certain amount of exhaust towards the intake assembly and the cylinders in the engine to cool the combustion area, eliminating the surge of engine temperature.

Though the EGR valve directly determines exhaust emissions, it additionally has an impact on the overall efficiency of the vehicle powerplant; its deterioration can lead to various engine problems. Some of the problems that you'll encounter if the Ford Freestar EGR valve deteriorates are stalling plus roughness at idle-those are problems that call for immediate notice. Cautiously inspect the part and be sure to gauge its ability to switch from the open to the close position and vice versa-a large number of EGR valves break down by means of getting seized, ending up unable to regulate the circulation of fumes.

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