An excessively elevated temperature in the combustion chamber indicates some nitrogen oxide is released which can harm the atmosphere. The nitrogen oxides, or NOX, could materialize inside the chamber and eventually into the atmosphere if your vehicle is not installed with Ford F8000 EGR valve. EGR means Exhaust Gas Recirculation and this particular part has actually been widely utilized for many years now to reduce smog.

The main EGR system of your automobile has a valve that's vacuum operated in order to direct exhaust gas back inside the engine's combustion chamber. As the amount of exhaust is stabilized, generally there will definitely be minimal smog as well as NOX emissions in the atmosphere. An EGR valve also adds greater energy into the engine by maintaining the perfect level of air mixture that is needed for combustion. A blocked EGR valve will lead to problems in your performance, including valve knock and in most situations, even rough idling. Acceleration and speed will certainly be reduced once there's a blocked valve in your vehicle.

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