An excessively elevated heat in the combustion chamber indicates some nitrogen oxide is released which can pollute the environment. The nitrogen oxides, commonly known as NOX, may form in the chamber and gradually directly into the air if your vehicle is not fitted with Ford Excursion EGR valve. This Exhaust Gas Recirculation mechanism, or EGR, has been has been minimizing environmental deterioration for almost five decades now.

The EGR system of your automobile has a valve that is vacuum controlled to direct exhaust fumes back into the engine's combustion chamber. Because the level of exhaust is equalized, there will definitely be reduced smog and NOX emissions in the surroundings. An EGR valve also adds greater power into the engine by keeping the perfect amount of air fusion that's required for combustion. Never let the EGR valve get plugged because this might result in poor performance, including rough idling as well as valve knock. Acceleration and speed will be equally cut in half if you have a blocked valve within your car.

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