Very high engine temperatures can be unfavorable to exhaust emissions, and that's the reason why you'll find an EGR valve mounted in your Ford Contour-to keep the engine from turning extremely warm. Your Ford Contour EGR valve is engineered to send a specific percentage of fumes from the exhaust system back into the intake assembly and the cylinders in the engine in order to provide cooling to the combustion area, eliminating the increase of engine temperature.

Although the EGR valve particularly determines the efficiency of exhaust release, it additionally impacts the total productivity of the car motor; its deterioration could cause various engine problems. A few of the things that you will experience if your Ford Contour EGR valve begins to fail are rough idling and stalling-these are issues that call for immediate attention. Anytime you're conducting a check-up of the valve, be especially thorough in checking whether the item is caught up in the open position or in the close position; this is a common problem involving EGR valves nowadays.

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