Your Eagle EGR valve is a part of your exhaust system; it is also the main emissions control component in your exhaust gas recirculation system. Your exhaust gas recirculation system is designed to reduce the nitric oxide emissions from your engine, which is the major contributor to ground level ozone. The Eagle EGR valve is located right on your intake manifold. Between your exhaust and intake manifold it opens a small passageway to allow a metered amount of exhaust to flow back into your engine. In this working it reduces the combustion temperatures and helps control the formation of oxides of nitrogen on your vehicle.

On some Eagle vehicles the EGR valve they consist is opened by the application of vacuum to its control diaphragm, which requires a certain amount of exhaust back pressure before it will open. On the newer Eagle vehicles, the EGR valve they are consisting is electronic and uses one or more solenoids or a small stepper motor. Due to the important working of your Eagle EGR valve, it must be taken a proper care and regular maintenance. High temperatures in your combustion chamber can also produce a knocking or pinging sound on your engine, which indicates of a problem on your EGR valve. If not taken an immediate action which can, over time, damage your engine.

The correct function of your MG EGR valve is not only necessary for the performance and efficiency of your vehicle, it is also important to pass the strict vehicle emissions inspection requirements that are being impose in most areas today. Your MG EGR valve is specifically made for each MG engine model that is why it is also important to be very careful in choosing your replacement to your original unit. Find the right and exact MG EGR valve replacement for your worn out one.

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