An extremely high temperature inside the combustion chamber indicates a little bit of nitrogen oxide is released which could harm environmental surroundings. A ride without a high-quality Dodge Stealth EGR valve is a risk to environmental surroundings by permitting the combustion chamber to release nitrogen oxide, also known as NOX. This Exhaust Gas Recirculation part, commonly known as EGR, has been has been minimizing pollution for almost five decades now.

A vacuum regulated valve directs a specific amount of exhaust back within the combustion chamber of the motor. Air pollution and NOX emissions are minimized once exhaust levels are pushed back within the chamber. To help during the combustion process, the EGR valve maintains just the right volume of air combination within the chamber. Rough idling and also valve knock can affect the overall performance of your vehicle when the EGR valve clogs up. Vehicle velocity can also be reduced once you have a bad valve.

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