Even though your Dodge Coronet engine needs high temperature for it to work, excessive heat is unfavorable because this accelerates the creation of noxious gases-prevent extreme heat in the engine by mounting an EGR valve. The Dodge Coronet EGR valve is engineered to direct a specific amount of exhaust gases towards the intake and the cylinders in order to lower the temperature in the combustion chamber, preventing the increase of engine temperature.

Aside from exhaust performance, the EGR valve equally impacts the overall efficiency of the vehicle engine-problems encountered by the device typically causes a poor engine performance. Among the problems that you'll go through when the Dodge Coronet EGR valve gets damaged are rough idling plus stalling-these are problems that require immediate attention. Properly check the part and pay particular attention to its ability to open or close-most EGR valves get damaged by becoming jammed, hence failing to manage the circulation of fumes.

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