Very high engine temperatures might be detrimental to exhaust emissions, and that's the reason why there is an EGR valve mounted in your Dodge Avenger-to protect the engine from turning excessively warm. Designed to cool the engine cylinders by combining the air-fuel mix with gases from the exhaust, this Dodge Avenger EGR valve may substantially improve your car's exhaust performance.

Although the EGR valve directly determines the efficiency of exhaust release, it additionally impacts the overall productivity of the engine; its deterioration could cause specific engine problems. Some of the problems that you are going to go through if your Dodge Avenger EGR valve deteriorates are stalling and roughness during idle-those are problems which require immediate attention. Anytime you're conducting an inspection of the said component, be specifically thorough in examining if the device is caught up in the open position or in the close position; this is a typical trouble involving EGR valves today.

Should you find that the Dodge Avenger EGR valve is already failing and you are on the lookout for an alternative component, Parts Train is always here to help you. Our company partners with reliable names today like Motorcraft, Omix, plus Wahler, and we supply each of our components with a Low Price Guarantee.