The Dodge Exhaust gas recirculation or the Dodge EGR valve plays a key role on your vehicle engine's emissions and ignition systems this is by reducing unwanted engine emissions as well as reducing the engine blow. This Dodge EGR valve is a certain kind of device that is mounted right on your intake manifold which controls the amount of exhaust gasses back into your engine. It also helps in reducing your engine knock caused by detonation of fuel in your engine cylinders. In addition, your Dodge EGR valve also helps to keep your vehicle engine running at its best, producing efficient engine power and performance.

A detonation on your cylinders is one of the common problems that a certain vehicle engine including your Dodge vehicle engine may have. It can cause a number of performance problems on your vehicle engine, such as a loss of engine power, excessive pollution output on your exhaust and severely reduced fuel efficiency as well as making delicate engine parts vulnerable to damage. That is why a proper care and regular maintenance on your Dodge EGR valve is also essential. In this way, you are rest assured that your emission system is complying with emission standards. Your Dodge EGR valve is the most important components on your emission system because it is directly responsible for controlling and reducing the harmful emissions that is being generated by your vehicle engine system.

Same with other components on your vehicle, there will come a time that your Dodge EGR valve wears out and you will need a replacement for it as soon as possible. Because whenever your Dodge EGR valve is malfunctioning, it can cause irregularities on your engine performance such as rough idling or valve knock. Generally, EGR valve is an expensive motor vehicle component, that's why a regular maintenance is also essential in order to ensure that it needs to be replaced rather than repaired. Failure to replace your worn out Dodge EGR valve will not lead you to a life threatening condition, but it will reduce the life of your vehicle and increase the potential emissions. Especially in areas which require smog testing, if your vehicle has a malfunctioning EGR valve, surely your vehicle will not pass.

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