The Chrysler Exhaust gas recirculation or much known as EGR valve is one of the most integral part of your engine's emissions and ignition systems. The purpose of this EGR valve is to meter a small amount of exhaust gas into your intake system; it lessen the air and fuel mixture in order to lower the combustion chamber temperature as well. Because an excessive combustion chamber temperature can create oxides of nitrogen, which is a major pollutant. The very work of your Chrysler EGR valve is to control these oxides of nitrogen from forming. Chrysler EGR valve also add to efficiency of your vehicle performance while decreasing pollution.

Before, Chrysler EGR valve is mechanical operated device they typically use a vacuum connection in order for the EGR valve to work. However, due to the advancement of our technology today, most of EGR valves that are being used in the current models of Chrysler vehicles are electronically operated. Either your Chrysler EGR valve is mechanical or electronic the working of it is exactly the same. Like most other EGR valve, Chrysler EGR valve is also made from aluminum casting. Your Chrysler EGR valve placement is typically mounted on your intake manifold in order to measure amount of exhaust gasses back into your vehicle engine.

Generally, EGR valve including your Chrysler EGR valve does not require a regular maintenance, however, for your own good and to your vehicle as well to be able to ensure that you are always complying with emission standards, it is also essential that you must check it once in a while; because if your Chrysler EGR valve fails the performance of your vehicle can also be affected. You can notice if your Chrysler EGR valve has problem if it shows these several symptoms such as excessive exhaust emissions, poor production of engine power, poor fuel economy, and engine knock or ping. If you are certain that you have a malfunctioning Chrysler EGR valve you must replace it right away because a malfunctioning Chrysler EGR valve could definitely damage your entire engine system, so before this happen, it would be better if you look for a new and good condition Chrysler EGR valve replacement as soon as possible.

But replacing your Chrysler EGR valve is not just a take your pick scheme, you must take in consideration the specific features and configurations of the Chrysler vehicle you have before purchasing a new Chrysler EGR valve. If it is the right Chrysler EGR valve you are looking for, you can find it here — at Parts Train. Because Parts Train covers almost all Chrysler auto parts from replacement parts to its performance parts.