Super hot temp in your car motor can be detrimental to your car emissions, and that's why you have an EGR valve in your Chevrolet Nova-to protect your car motor from getting extremely heated. The Chevrolet Nova EGR valve is engineered to direct a particular portion of exhaust towards the intake and the cylinders in order to cool the combustion chamber, eliminating the rise of temp in your car motor.

While the EGR valve particularly affects the efficiency of exhaust release, it also has an effect on the total productivity of the engine; its damage could cause specific issues with the engine. Among the problems that you will experience if the Chevrolet Nova EGR valve becomes damaged are stalling and roughness at idle-such are issues that require speedy attention. Carefully check the valve and be sure to gauge its capacity to open or close-most EGR valves get damaged in the form of getting stuck, ending up unable to manage the flow of exhaust gases.

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