More commonly known as the EGR valve, the exhaust gas recirculation valve is an indispensable component of the exhaust circulation system of your Chevrolet Camaro. The Chevrolet Camaro EGR valve is a response to the great need for an automotive component that can increase the overall efficiency of the vehicle while aiming to reduce the toxic content of the vehicle's emission that contributes to the ever increasing air pollution. A clogged or malfunctioning Chevrolet Camaro EGR valve, instead of helping the engine attain optimal performance, can gravely affect the engine performance which becomes evident in the form of rough idling or valve knock.

In case your vehicle's internal combustion engine starts to show signs of rough idling or valve knock, you should inspect the Chevrolet Camaro EGR valve right away. To be able to know that there is something wrong with the EGR valve, you first have to learn what it does. The EGR valve is designed to direct a measured amount of exhaust back to the combustion chamber. The EGR valve is engineered that way for the purpose of maintaining the normal working temperature of the combustion chamber, wherein the exhaust is of higher temperature than the air blown inside the combustion chamber from outside the vehicle.

With a Chevrolet Camaro EGR valve, the engine does not have to work hard just to keep the temperature in the combustion chamber at the optimal level. Another purpose of the EGR valve is to aid the emission control system of the exhaust system in minimizing the nitrogen oxides which are not in any way helpful to the environment and are often the cause of smog formations. Most EGR valves are mechanically operated which open and close depending on whether the exhaust is needed to flow back to the combustion chamber or not. This way, the ideal air mixture is maintained which could help achieve optimal combustion.

When a Chevrolet Camaro EGR valve often sticks in the open position even though it has to be closed, or it remains closed even though it needs to be opened, you can call for the help of an auto mechanic to repair the valve. If you don't want your vehicle to sustain further damages, you can replace the valve by contacting Parts Train. We are a leader in the auto parts dealership industry because of our objective which stresses heavily on meeting the needs and demands of the harsh driving conditions your vehicle has to go through everyday. Go ahead and visit our website now!