Equipped in almost all vehicles is the emission control system that is capable of refining the exhaust produced by the engine system into less harmful substances. Since the hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxides that result from the internal combustion processes are found to pose a great threat to the environment and risk the health of those who have inhaled them, the emission control system has been mandated through certain laws to be present and highly maintained in all types of vehicles. Some of the major components that comprise the emission control system are the catalytic converter and the oxygen sensor.

Another component that supports the aim of the emission control system is the Cadillac Seville EGR valve. Although the Cadillac Seville EGR valve indirectly supports the mission of the emission control system since it is part of another system, the exhaust gas recirculation system, it can significantly help reduce the toxic content of the exhaust while aiming to enhance the efficiency of the engine. The EGR valve is positioned in the intake manifold and leads to a small channel in between the exhaust and the intake manifold to permit a measured amount of exhaust to be sent right back to the engine system.

By allowing a measured amount of exhaust to flow back into the engine, the combustion temperature is significantly reduced and the formation of nitrogen oxides is controlled. The Cadillac Seville EGR valve is opened through the use of a vacuum somewhere in the control diaphragm. Other applications include allowing a specified amount of exhaust back pressure to make the EGR valve open. As for recent car model releases, the EGR valve's opening is controlled electronically and makes use of at least one solenoid and a small stepper motor. The opening and closing of the EGR valve should be controlled based on the idea that the valve should be closed when the engine is at rest, and should only be opened once the engine is at full work.

Should the EGR valve remain in its closed position, nitrogen oxide emissions will increase and will result to untimely burning of fuel. An ineffective Cadillac Seville EGR valve could do more harm than good for the engine performance which is why it should never be kept in your vehicle. If you are looking for a quality and ideal replacement for an EGR valve, all you really have to do is to contact Parts Train right away. Check out our website now or if you feel like talking to one of our experts, call our toll free number.