Very high engine temperatures could be unfavorable to exhaust emissions, and that's the reason you have an EGR valve in your Cadillac Eldorado-to keep the engine from turning extremely hot. Engineered to lower the temperature of the engine cylinders by combining the air-fuel mix with gases from the exhaust, this Cadillac Eldorado EGR valve could considerably improve your auto's emissions performance.

Though the EGR valve particularly influences exhaust emissions, it also impacts the overall efficiency of the vehicle powerplant; its damage could result in various troubles in your engine. As soon as your Cadillac Eldorado EGR valve becomes defective, expect to experience roughness when idling as well as stalling-do not neglect the said concerns or these can bring about serious troubles. Anytime you're carrying out an inspection of the said component, be particularly careful in checking whether the item is stuck and seized in the open or close position; it is a common issue among EGR valves at present.

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