Cadillac is a luxury brand automobile of General Motors acquired through the remains of Henry Ford's company. It is produced and sold mostly in the United States and Canada with the rest of North Americas not yet viable for the brand. Because of its prestige, 'Cadillac' became the synonym to 'high quality'. Cadillac's success is not an accident; it is brought about by the engineered luxury qualities of its vehicle models. The Cadillac models are supported and equipped with highly developed devices that adhere to Cadillac's specifications, and one of these is the Cadillac EGR valve.

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation or EGR valve works to redirect an amount of engine-released exhaust gases, NOX in particular, back to the engine cylinders to intermix with air and inert gas in order to bring lower combusting pressure in gasoline-fed engines and reduce the presence of oxygen in diesel-fed engines. The NOX are the common Nitrogen Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide substances which are harmful and cause air pollution in our surroundings. Because only a metered amount of exhaust gas is subjected for recirculation, the rest goes to the exhaust system of the vehicle where the catalytic converter is employed to reduce and convert it to more breathable air when it is finally released in the environment.

The Cadillac EGR valve is one of Cadillac's edges when it comes to performance. The company's team of engineers and designers has assured its quality through extensive developments and researches. Cadillac's years of bringing quality luxury vehicles are worth the price they label to each model. The Cadillac EGR valve brings more efficient engine performance through the reduction of chemical dissociation, heat rejection, and throttling losses. And this is why Cadillac is claimed to be a high quality vehicle.

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