Just like a human body, your Buick Century is also producing a lot of toxic materials. These waste materials are the by products of the combustion process which can be harmful to your engine components if not disposed properly. For this reason, your car has been equipped with an exhaust system to help your car in disposing and assisting the movement of unwanted materials from the engine system to the tailpipe.

Among the various parts that comprise your car's exhaust system is the Buick Century EGR valve. EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation, and it is designed to return or send back the harmful nitrogen oxides and other exhaust gases into the engine cylinders. It does this in order to lessen the amount of Nitrogen oxides produced during the combustion process and to lower the combustion temperature.

There are two types of Buick Century EGR valve: the electronic type and the mechanical type. But not matter what type of EGR valve you have on your car, this exhaust system component can be seen mounted inside the intake manifold. During the combustion process, the Buick Century EGR valve combines the re-circulated exhaust gas with the incoming air. This lowers the adiabatic flame temperature, thereby reducing the amount of oxygen. The lower the amount of oxygen, the lesser chance it would be for harmful nitrogen oxides to be formed.

A properly functioning Buick Century EGR valve can provide you with several benefits. Some of these are reduced chemical dissociation, reduced heat rejection, and reduced throttling noises. You just have to make sure that it is properly maintained in order to extend its service life. The opposite is true when you have a worn out Buick Century EGR valve. This could lead to hesitation, rough idling, inefficient combustion and stalling. It would be advisable to replace it immediately with a new one in order to prevent further damage to your engine system.

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