Buick is the only American-based luxury division entry of General Motors, occupying the space left by Oldsmobile and with the same level that its Swedish subsidiary Saab has. Buick Motors Company was then a single entity when its founder American Scottish David Dunbar Buick founded it in 1904 after he invented the overhead engine, to which the brand's success was credited. After a financial struggle, it was succeeded by James Whiting who brought in William C. Durant, the one who acquired the biggest corporation now known as the General Motors. Buick, after selling his share in an unwise amount, died in a very modest circumstance.

Buick's overhead engine is not just the only thing that caused the tremendous success that its vehicle models had through the years, but all the high performing parts that lead to their distinct performance. One of these is the Buick EGR valve. Your Buick Exhaust Gas Recirculation or EGR valve is where the Nitrogen Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide (NOX) are regulated after the engine does the power stroke. The EGR valve protects and limits the production of NOX, reduces, or takes it off as efficiently as possible.

The EGR valve works by the recirculation of a portion of engine exhaust back to the engine cylinders to mix with air and inert gas, lowering the peak combustion temperature in gasoline-fed automobiles. In diesel ones, this intermixture reduces the amount of excess oxygen. The EGR valve increases the efficiency of the engine through reduced throttling losses, reduced heat rejection, and reduced chemical dissociation.

The vital job that your Buick EGR valve does makes its brand worth of its price and prestige. Since it is worth saving and preserving, administering proper maintenance is a welcome thing to do. However, you cannot keep it from aging with time and as it does, it becomes susceptible to contaminants that may seep through it. This may lead to wear and other negative effects that will lead to the need for replacement.

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