For so many years BMW is known in the automobile industry to carry a special blend of elegance, sporting performance, practicality, and brilliant handling. All the BMW automobiles are stuffed with the latest in the automotive technology. From its major parts and systems down to the smallest details, technology, elegance, and luxury can be observed. These BMW vehicles are designed and created to perform, that is why these vehicles are equipped with remarkable and powerful drive trains.

The BMW engine will not be that powerful and great if it does not have properly organized and efficient engine components. Such BMW engine parts that works together to be able for the vehicle to run includes: rocker arm, exhaust valve, camshaft, intake valve, intake port, oil pan, coolant, rod bearing, valve cover, crankshaft, and many others. The BMW valve though not the most important part of the BMW engine is needed for it plays a vital role in the engine performance.

The BMW exhaust gas recalculation valve or EGR valve is one of the critical parts of the emission reduction system. It uses a vacuum from the induction system or from a signal on the computer to open a passage so to allow the exhaust to re-enter the incoming air and fuel mixture. This EGR valve is generally open when your BMW vehicle is warm and is maintaining a constant speed. The exhaust gases then re-enters the air and fuel mixture and most of the fuel is being burned out of the exhaust gas. The new mixture, which comes from the EGR valve, reduced the temperature of the combustion and such Process results to both increased in gas mileage and reduced nitrogen oxide emissions.

Here are the signs if a vehicle EGR valve is malfunctioning: overheating; poor idle; increased nitrogen oxide emissions; failed vehicle emission test; and varying engine speed with no change in the position of the throttle. Having all these signs of a malfunctioning EGR valve, it is possible to diagnose these problems by consulting your vehicle's repair manual and follow all the precautions when performing any type of the diagnosis.

There are massive different EGR valve available and some of them work strictly on vacuum, and on a combination of pressure and vacuum. Other has electronic controls and other has mechanical controls. To find such type, just simply browse our complete comprehensive catalog and you'll be able to check on all these type. Parts Train offers high-quality BMW EGR valve for your needs. Remember that the EGR valve is an integral part of your BMW engine ignition and emission system. If you don't want your engine to knock and fail the emission test, its time to replace your old EGR valve with the BMW EGR valve.