Super hot temperature in your engine can be detrimental to exhaust emissions, and that is the reason why you have an EGR valve mounted in your Audi Tt-to keep your car motor from getting excessively warm. Built to cool the combustion chambers by diluting the air-fuel mixture with exhaust fumes, this Audi Tt EGR valve may substantially bring improvements to your vehicle's emissions performance.

While the EGR valve specifically affects exhaust emissions, it additionally impacts the overall efficiency of your vehicle powerplant; its failure can result in specific issues with the engine. Among the problems that you will experience once the Audi Tt EGR valve deteriorates are stalling and roughness during idle-such are complications that require immediate consideration. If you are conducting an assessment of this part, be particularly thorough in examining whether the device is stuck and seized in the open or close position; it is a typical issue involving EGR valves at present.

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