Once the combustion chamber's heat gets extremely high, traces of nitrogen oxide may emerge which can potentially contribute to air pollution. The nitrogen oxides, commonly known as NOX, might form inside the chamber and ultimately into the air when your car has not been equipped with Audi Cabriolet EGR valve. In the 60's, the Exhaust Gas Recirculation also known as EGR system was presented to consumers in an effort to increase environmental knowledge.

The main EGR system of your automobile includes a valve that is vacuum operated in order to guide exhaust fumes back inside the engine's combustion chamber. With a small level of exhaust directed in to the chamber, nitrogen oxides are cut down and pollution in the atmosphere is also significantly lowered. To aid during the actual combustion process, an EGR valve retains just the right volume of air mixture in the chamber. Do not let the EGR valve become blocked since this might lead to poor performance, like rough idling and also valve knock. Automobile speed can also be diminished if you use a damaged valve.

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