The emission control system of your Acura RSX is one of the most sensitive systems in your vehicle. This is responsible for the management of the gases or the by-products of the internal combustion. All emission control system parts should be well-maintained so that no harmful gases will exit the exhaust system. One of the most important emission control components to consider is the EGR Valve. This is the main element in the Engine Gas Recirculation system.

Your Acura RSX EGR valve in the intake manifold opens a way between the exhaust and intake manifold to channel an amount of exhaust back to the engine. Such exhaust delivery helps in the reduction of combustion temperatures while controlling the formation of nitrogen oxides or NOx. NOx emissions are the unfavorable gases produced when Nitrogen mixes with oxygen. Nitrogen is one of the most dominant elements in systems that are under high-pressure conditions. NOx emissions are highly- toxic and may cause health problems when get inhaled.

The EGR valve opens by the application of vacuum to its control diaphragm. There are some that require a metered amount of exhaust back pressure before they finally open. Modern EGR Valves are designed with more solenoids or small stepper motor for more efficient electronic control. The valve needs to remain close whenever the engine is idle or cold. Once the engine warms up, the valve will then open. Once the valve remains stuck shut even though the engine is already running at part or full throttle, NOx emissions will soar, resulting to the detonation or knocks in the engine. On the other hand, when the valve sticks open, vacuum leaks are produced, resulting to hesitation, stalling, or rough idle.

Whenever your Acura RSX EGR Valve encounters failure, have it repaired or replaced at once to ensure that the quality of your vehicle's emissions will not be affected. Almost all governments are setting up laws against bad emissions, so beware. For installation, the EGR Valve is one sensitive and complicated part to set up so it is best that you look for a qualified mechanic who can do it accurately.

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