If you want to get an optimum performance from your Acura engine, there's one thing you should always bear in mind. That is, the better your Acura engine breathes, the more it becomes capable. Thus, it is essential to always check, maintain and take good care of all the components of your Acura vehicle that work so to make sure the engine breathes. Specifically, these are the valve train components that are composed of valves, valve springs, retainers, rocker arms, camshaft, and shafts. When these synchronizes with the camshaft, the valves in the cylinder head lets the Acura engine breathe. All these components do the job by pulling the air and fuel mixture onto the cylinder and driving the exhaust gases out.

Some vehicle owners think that their EGR valve is not a big deal. But, these EGR valve is a very important part of their vehicles. This is housed on the vehicles intake manifold that permits a measured amount of the exhaust gases back in the engine. EGR valve helps vehicles to meet the emission testing standard and thus, reduced knock.

The Acura EGR valve, also called as the exhaust gas recirculation valve is used to reduce the nitrous oxide by the reduction of combustion temperature. The nitrous oxide is formed when the combustion temperature become over 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Such very hot combustion temperature does cause the nitrogen in the air to mix together with two other byproducts where nitrous oxides are created. When the nitrogen dioxide mixes with the other compounds like the hydrocarbons during a sunny weather, a smog is formed which is known as a pollutant.

To prevent such thing to happen, the engine's combustion temperatures should be reduced by the use of the Acura EGR valve. The main function of the EGR valve is to send the excess exhaust gas via the intake manifold back into the cylinders so to lower the combustion temperature. If there is a lower combustion temperature, the nitrous oxide that is produced then is also lower. The end result will be a cleaner and safe environment since there is a lower amount of nitrous oxides that is produced and release in the atmosphere and a reduction of smog is also significant.

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