Car EGR Valves

Owning a vehicle is a perk in itself. Driving a hip and speedy sports car, for instance, not only makes traveling comfortable and convenient, but also helps you make a great impression on the road. Since the demand for vehicles increases every year, car manufacturers continue to introduce innovations and launch new vehicle models and editions. These days, more and more car manufacturers now focus on improving vehicle exhaust systems because car emissions continue to pose a big threat to the environment. That said, it's not surprising how engineers and designers came up with the EGR valve systems.

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve is used to reduce nitrous oxides by reducing combustion temperature. Nitrous oxides form when the combustion temperature is over 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. This very hot combustion temperature causes the nitrogen in the air to mix with two other byproducts and as a result, nitrous oxides are created. Without the car EGR valve, nitrous oxide is released into the atmosphere, mixes with oxygen, and becomes nitrogen dioxide. And when the nitrogen dioxide mixes with other compounds such as hydrocarbons, smog is formed especially when heated by the rays of the sun.

So, to prevent this from happening, the combustion temperature should be reduced with the help of EGR valves. The primary function of this part is to send some of the exhaust gas through the intake manifold back into the cylinders so that it can be burned once again to lower the combustion temperature. Aside from improved fuel consumption, there's a huge reduction in the emission of harmful gases as well. You see, when there is lower combustion temperature, the amount of nitrous oxide that produced will also be lower. And because of this, it will result in a cleaner atmosphere and when there is lower amount of nitrous oxides that is released into the atmosphere, there is also a significant reduction in smog.

Meanwhile, EGR valves were first introduced back in the 1970s and during that time, they featured a mechanical design. Eventually, their design improved and today, their electronic design makes it possible to monitor incomplete combustion right away.

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