Is your Toyota Driveshaft not driving your car to your desired performance level? For performance-oriented guys like you, results matter. And if your driveshaft isn't giving you one, you'd better replace it immediately.

Different Toyota models use different driveshafts, although all of them basically have the same function—deliver power to the vehicle's axle or wheels and maintain that power level constantly. Rear-wheel drive (RWD) models use the Hotchkiss drive that integrates a long drive shaft running the length of the car, and a differential to direct engine torque to the powered wheels located at the back. Front-wheel drive (FWD) vehicles, meanwhile, have two drive shafts with CV joints that allow for wheel articulation. Among the most common driveshaft problems are grinding, squeaking, clunking, clicking noises, and shudder during acceleration. Some of the most common causes of these problems are loose or worn U-joints, defective center bearing, lack of U-joint lubrication, worn CV joint, and others. The best thing to remedy all these problems? Just buy an OE replacement Toyota Driveshaft, especially if your stock part is already beyond repair.

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