Car Driveshafts

Sure, the engine is the one responsible for generating energy so that the wheels can turn, but if you take away the driveshaft, all that energy will just go to waste. Driveshafts are longitudinal metal shafts that deliver power from the engine and transmission to the wheels. They transmit torque and rotation so that the wheels can turn and your car can move.

When you look at a car driveshaft, you will notice that it's a metal tube with a metal housing that protects an interior metal cylinder. Depending on the power requirements, it's possible to have two or more driveshafts under the hood of a particular vehicle.

Different driveshafts are used depending on whether the vehicle uses a rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive system. In a rear-wheel drive car, the car driveshaft runs the length of the car and a differential is connected in the end using joints. In a front-wheel drive car, on the other hand, two driveshafts come from the transmission, and each of them is connected to each front wheel. Finally, all-wheel drive vehicles have driveshafts that use a transfer case in order to transmit power equally to all wheels at the same time.

All driveshafts, whether it's the front driveshaft or the rear driveshaft, carry a great amount of force every time the engine runs. Because of that, it's crucial for them to be strong enough to handle torsion and shear stress. However, it's also important for all driveshafts to weigh less. The reason for that is heavy driveshafts can encounter too much inertia that can slow them down. To make sure that they don't weigh too much, most modern driveshafts are made of aluminum because it makes them durable and lightweight at the same time. With driveshafts working in tiptop condition, your car will surely perform at its best no matter what. Damaged driveshafts will instantly affect how your car will perform. In fact, your ride might not be able to move at all once these important components falter.

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