Car Door Lock Switchs

As a driver, safety should be your primary concern, especially if you've got kids riding in your car. Even with seatbelts on, kids always find something to fiddle around with: ashtrays, window switches, door locks, and even handles. Out of all these, the door locks should be kept out of children's reach at all costs because they can be opened easily. To prevent this dreaded scenario from happening, a centralized door locking system and a door lock switch are needed to help keep car doors secured while you're on the road.

The role of this part meanwhile is to make sure that your car's doors are securely locked. Basically, what it does is to send a voltage to the door lock actuator to open and close the car doors. Almost every new car has a car door lock switch as standard equipment. Even clunkers several decades old can be retrofitted with a central door locking system. This system includes a lock switch for each of your vehicle's doors and an additional main lock switch on the driver's side door panel. The main switch allows you to remotely lock and unlock your vehicle's doors. The control, on the other hand, ensures that they stay locked when you need them to be. This way, thieves won't even think of getting your personal valuables when you park your car for hours.

Meanwhile, the problem with a power door lock switch is its location makes it prone to wear and tear. Frequent physical contact with the vehicle's passengers may cause the switches' surface to wear down and become scratched. Worse, rain drizzling in from the top of the windows may seep into the door panel and affect the switches' mechanism. One of the most common reasons why your car doors may start locking and unlocking unexpectedly is that rainwater may have corroded the electronic parts of the panels, short-circuiting the door lock switch.

If the stock car door lock switch is already damaged, the only solution to that problem is to replace it with a new one right away. The thing is, once the switch's circuits have been fried or corroded, there's no way that it will ever function again. And unless you've got electrical know-how, you're probably better off not trying to repair it.

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