Car Door Jamb Switchs

Your cabin lights used to light up when your door's open or ajar—but lately, you get nothing. If your cabin lights are still in prime shape, then it's time you checked your door jamb switch. It's possible that the problem lies in a switch that's gone bad or is maladjusted. Now, normally, maladjusted components require minimal tweaking to get them working properly. But since most door jamb switches tend to adjust automatically, you may have to replace that switch completely.

Look at the bright side of things. Door jamb switches, though not exactly cheap, aren't particularly expensive either. In fact, a lot of the really good replacement switches sell for less than $20. And if you happen to know where to shop, then that price can dip even lower. To find the lowest price on the highest quality door jamb switch, we invite you to check out our catalog here at

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