The wide assortment of Volvo door glasses in the market are made for the host of Volvo devotees out there. Volvo owners are loyal due to the car's outstanding safety standards and superb drivability. Volvos are extremely reliable cars composed of finely crafted auto parts including auto glasses. Almost 30 percent of your car's structural strength accounts for auto glasses. They can be observed almost all around your car.

The auto glass installed in front of the vehicle is called the windshield while those that are found on both sides are dubbed as door glass or glass windows. The glasses used in cars are called safety glass. But not all auto glasses are made of the same material and take on the same heating process. Auto windshields for example are made up of laminated safety glass. This kind of glass is created by placing a thin layer of polyvinyl butyral, an elastic clear plastic film that holds the glass in place when it shatters. Laminated safety glass thus helps reduce injuries from flying glass.

For door glasses and rear glass, tempered safety glass is commonly used. It is a single panel of glass that received tempering process, a heat treatment that boosts the strength of the glass 5 to 10 times more than the common glass. Tempered safety glass is strong enough to effectively withstand wind pressure and impact. It doesn't only provide strength but safety as well. When tempered safety glass breaks, the glass shatters into fine, harmless fragments without sharp edges. While laminated safety glass reduces injuries from flying glass, tempered safety glass lessens the injuries and wounds caused by auto glass with pointed edges.

It is true that Volvo door glasses are strong and reliable but they do shatter in many unimaginable ways. Auto accidents and collisions are the most common cause of broken door glasses. But in that case, you don't have to worry because the door glass industry has lots of resources where you can get door glass replacement for your Volvo. As long as there are cars on the road, the auto door glass industry will continue to flourish and to provide you replacement door glasses.

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