As the door introduces you to your car's beautiful interior, door glasses keeps you connected to the outside world while you are inside your car's cabin. If you're out for long trip, you can still have a pleasurable travel with your Toyota by looking through the door glass and enjoying the beautiful scenery outside your car. But more than just a view to your surroundings, Toyota door glasses keeps you and your passenger safe from any debris and other outside elements that might be harmful. If it weren't for windows or door glasses that separate you from the outside world, rocks, dust, rain or trash on the road may result to some kind of a problem.

Door glasses also enhance the performance of your vehicle. The wind that gets in your car as its velocity increases is a negative force that's contrasting your forward motion. With door glasses, there will be less force pushing against your car, hence, you just need small amount of energy in your trip and you are using your car in an efficient way as well.

Being recognized as the largest Japanese vehicle manufacturer, Toyota has consistently upheld its dedication to supply the market with top performance and excellently designed Toyota cars. The cars produced by Toyota would not be among the best-selling in the industry if not for their refined styling and careful application of state-of-the-art technology. Toyota cars are dramatically outfitted with well-coordinated and long-lasting auto parts. These parts, from the primary to the smallest parts received quality craftsmanship and decent design.

For Toyota, door glasses aren't just an ordinary part of a vehicle but rather considered as one of the most essential auto part. This could be the reason why Toyota vehicles come equipped with superbly crafted and finely-designed door glasses. Most vehicle door glasses or windows are made of tempered safety glass, a single panel of glass that underwent heat treatment to gain additional strength. The tempering process gives the door glasses five to 10 times more strength than the common glass. Tempered glasses provide safety in various ways. They are strong enough to withstand wind pressure and impact. Tempered safety glass shatters into pebble-like, relatively harmless pieces without sharp edges so, they lessen the probability of injury to the passengers.

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