A vehicle manufacturer like no other, Nissan has successfully graced the industry with vehicles boasting a powerful built, innovative styling, attractive design and stirring performance. The company has been in the automotive company for many years now but the Nissan name was used only in their cars since 1983. Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., has started to manufacture cars in 1933, using the Datsun brand. In its entire production history, Nissan has successfully produced several classic but terrific cars. The Z-car and the Skyline GT are among the most celebrated and well-loved Nissan cars.

At present Nissan has produced a broad line-up of cars, SUVs and trucks with distinct and superb road manners and performance. Among the sleek and admirable Nissan cars are Nissan Sentra, Altima, Maxima, Z and Z Roadster. Other vehicles that carried Nissan badge are Nissan Frontier, Pathfinder, Xterra, Murano, Quest and Titan. Nissan has achieved a sound reputation in terms of performance and styling due to its high quality and well-organized auto parts. From engine to electrical parts, exterior and interior parts, Nissan guarantees reliable and lasting parts, and that includes door glass.

Installed in the upper part of the door, door glass rides in the furrow between the two sides of the door frame. Door glass or windows are made of tempered safety glass, a single glass panel that underwent tempering process. Tempered glass received additional strength, 5 to times than the common glass. Tempered glass used in auto door glass is aptly classified as safety glass because of its tendency to break into small pieces, without sharp edges once it was struck by a strong object or force. Hence, it would not cause much danger in the moment of collisions. However, tempered safety glass is specially designed to break easily when pounded. This nature of tempered safety glass is helpful in cases of rollover wherein the passengers are locked inside the car.

Most of the current Nissan models are equipped with power window or door glass. This means that your Nissan door glass has automatic-up feature that moves up the glass by themselves but if there are obstructions, the system automatically stops raising them. Considered as the heart of a power-window system, the lifting mechanism is among the coolest and the most interesting system in your Nissan.

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