Did your Saturn doors dropped out of your car's body because it is actually dated and overused? Or has it been damaged by a vehicular accident, a collision or any untoward event? If you encounter any or all these problems with your car doors, it is now the right time to replace them. Don't wait for the time when you'll be driving a fast and state of the art car without doors. Car doors are designed to do various tasks that no other auto-parts can. Also they are made to be hinged on a particular side of the vehicle. That's why when the doors on the driver side got damaged; they can't be replaced by the doors which are intended on the passenger side.

Car doors are usually made up of an outer panel called the "skin" and an inner panel where the strength of the door come from. Before, power door locks are used to embellish luxury vehicles but today, most cars on the road are offered with power door locks. In the inner portion of the doors with power door locks, you'll find an actuator placed below the latch and rod that hooked up the actuator to the latch. There is also another rod linking the latch to the knob, which appears on the top of the door.

Saturn is included in the vehicle makes that produces car doors with power door locks. True to their commitment in putting people first, Saturn designed cars that are safe, economical and more enjoyable to drive. Having durable and efficient car doors is a part of ensuring safety. And undoubtedly, it is safer to ride in a car with unfailing door locks. This could be the reason why most cars at present are equipped with, if not standard, optional power door locks.

And isn't it interesting to know how doors are being locked and unlocked? The door will be unlocked if the actuator moves the latch up, thus, connecting the outside door handle to the opening mechanism. However, the door can't be opened if you move the latch down because the outside door handle will be disconnected to the system that opens the car door. But if your car doors are malfunctioning, or you apparently can't close them properly, start looking for a mechanic to fix it. But if the problem gets worse, it's better to find a replacement for your car doors.

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