Adequate interior lighting gives your car a more convenient and low-fatigue atmosphere. This could probably be the reason why Toyota usually outfitted their cars with complete sets of interior and exterior lights. Most of these lights are come standard in response to the order of Federal laws and regulations while some are mounted as accessories or available as an option. Lights all around your Toyota's body are very important because they keep you safe while driving at night or in dark or foggy environment. And not to be overlooked are the interior lights that allow the driver and the passengers to see the controls and buttons for various systems inside the vehicle such as the air conditioning and sound system.

Though not required by any law, many Toyota vehicles are significantly equipped with a dome light. This is an overhead light mounted in the vehicle's ceiling, which comes on automatically when you open a door of your car, and finally goes off the moment you close the door. Dome light is important because it illuminates your way into and out of the car. When equipped with a dimmer or a fade effect, dome light provides your car a more elegant and romantic feel. This slow dimming and fading of the light is really cool and it gives a very nice sensation especially at night.

In case your Toyota is not packed with a dome light, or you wish to replace the dome light that comes standard with your vehicle, there are various kinds of dome lights in the automotive market where you can pick the one you need. These include LED dome lights, halogen dome lights, colored dome lights, 12v dome lights, billet dome lights and many more! LED lights claim to be exceptionally reliable and practical due to their longer service life averaging at 10,000 hours. They also have about 50% less power consumption than its halogen counterpart. And since LED dome lights don't have filament and small elements inside their bulbs, they come unaffected by vibration.

On the other hand, halogen dome lights are ideal for overhead or bulkhead surface mounting and they are usually fitted in the vehicle to give a wide-ranging and excellent cabin illumination. Moreover, some 12volts dome lights sport a low profile design, making them suited in illuminating closets and luggage compartment. But if you want a unique effect, try to mount a colored dome light! It provides not just sheer illumination but a lively and feisty environment as well.

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