Have you ever experienced driving at night and suddenly your headlights go off and no matter what you do, they didn't turn on again? For sure it has been a very bad and risky experience to you and during that moment, I bet you realize the significance of having lights all around. This could probably be the reason why majority of vehicles today come with various kinds of lights placed in different parts of their body such as headlights, side marker lights, tail lights, fog lamps, signal lights, map lights and dome lights. Most of these lights are mandatory and should come as standard equipments of your car as ordered by the Federal laws and regulations while some comes optional or offered as accessories.

Among the brand of automobiles that recognize the importance of various lighting systems in a car is Saturn. It is a subsidiary of General Motors, one of the biggest auto manufacturers in the U.S. today. The idea of putting people first made Saturn a reputable name when it comes to higher customer satisfaction. Saturn is committed in designing automobiles based on the needs and the taste of people who will drive them. For this reason, Saturn cars usually come equipped with different kinds of lights. Each light installed on Saturn vehicles exists for a specific purpose. Take headlights and fog lamps for example. These lights are placed in the front end of the car to make everything in front visible so as to keep you safe while driving in dark or foggy surroundings.

Aside from headlights, interior lighting system is also an important feature of your Saturn vehicle. Interior lights make it possible for the driver and passengers to easily locate the controls and buttons for everything. Among the interior lights, dome light has a unique feature. It is an automobile's overhead light that automatically comes on when the door is opened and turns off when the door has been closed. When turn on, dome light provides brightness that creates a low-stress ambience inside the car's cabin. It also illuminates your way into and out of the car.

And not only that, dome lights also add a touch of luxury in your car's interior. It comes in various sizes, colors and shapes for you to choose from. It is always good if you choose the one that fits right and harmonizes with the interior design of your Saturn vehicle.

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