In able to start your engine and keep your vehicle performing smoothly, high electric current generated by the ignition is required—using the distributor rotor of your Volvo C70, electricity is transmitted to the ignition plugs. The Volvo C70 distributor rotor delivers spark and guarantees required ignition timing. If not for a perfectly working rotor that keeps a steady flow of electrical power, you may have to deal with bad ignition results that may lead to a lot of problems on your vehicle.

The distributor rotor of your Volvo C70 would wear out after some time because it will finally get burnt from the electrical power this ignition component delivers. When in contact with intense heat and tough operating situations, the Volvo C70 distributor rotor may get corroded or absolutely ruined. It's certainly recommended that you take a look at the distributor rotor in case of routine auto service or immediately after every 24 months of usage to find out if the rotor is in excellent condition. In order to prevent engine misfires and other ignition problems on your Volvo C70, repair a faulty or rusty distributor rotor and change the part if the old rotor is beyond repair.

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