The Volkswagen Super Beetle distributor rotor's real job is to Volkswagen Super Beetle sure that electrical power produced from the ignition system is going to be transferred successfully to the spark plugs to crank up the engine and keep the motor vehicle working. The Volkswagen Super Beetle distributor rotor helps deliver ignition at the right time. With no perfectly working rotor that sustains a steady supply of electric current, you will have to be ready for bad car ignition efficiency that'll lead to a lot of problems on your motor vehicle.

Because this component deals with electricity constantly, the distributor rotor of your Volkswagen Super Beetle would come apart at some point. A ruined Volkswagen Super Beetle distributor rotor will be the result of its contact with high temperatures and driving environment that put tension on the engine. It's certainly suggested that you examine the distributor rotor during scheduled maintenance or right after every a couple of years of usage to find out if it's in good condition. In order to avoid engine hesitation and other ignition problems on your Volkswagen Super Beetle, repair a faulty or rust-covered distributor rotor and replace it if necessary.

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