The Volkswagen Squareback distributor rotor's real job is to ensure that high electric current produced from car ignition will be transported easily to the plugs to fire up the automobile engine and keep the car working. The Volkswagen Squareback distributor rotor helps deliver spark when needed. Without a perfectly working rotor that maintains a continuous supply of electrical power, you may have to be ready for poor ignition system efficiency that will bring about a lot of issues on your car.

Because this component transports electricity all the time, the distributor rotor of your Volkswagen Squareback might wear out eventually. Once confronted with high temperatures and harsh driving conditions, the Volkswagen Squareback distributor rotor would become rusty or absolutely damaged. Don't forget to inspect the distributor rotor for any sign of deterioration while performing tuneups or after you reach a specific number of miles or years of service. In order to avoid engine misfires and other kinds of ignition failure on your Volkswagen Squareback, repair a worn or rusty distributor rotor and change the part if the old rotor is beyond repair.

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