Your Volkswagen Passat relies on a distributor to transmit large-voltage electricity from the ignition coil to the spark plugs in a proper arrangement. One of the distributor's parts is a distributor rotor, a rotating arm that passes next to contact points where the great voltage allows the electricity to leap the tiny space. The Volkswagen Passat distributor rotor is in charge of the proper timing of firing the spark plugs and establishing the rate for ignition in the motor.

Continually preserve the excellent condition of the distributor rotor of your Volkswagen Passat to hold the ignition system perfectly in time. Wrong ignition time can cause a drop in vehicle effectiveness and waste of precious fuel in your Volkswagen Passat. Routine checks and tune-up of vehicle parts like the distributor rotor are good routines in effective automobile upkeep in order to discover and solve difficulties quicker. Once you purchase a superb distributor rotor for your Volkswagen Passat, you'll receive the finest value for your money because of enhanced toughness and gas efficiency.

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