Your Scion's ignition system is the major system that allows your engine to generate optimal power and minimum pollution. It is responsible for triggering your engine to start its internal combustion with a perfectly timed spark, causing other integral systems to function and make your vehicle run. The absence of this system can mean failure to the entire vehicle system. The prime goal of the ignition system is to ignite the fuel at precisely the right time in order for the expanding gases to do the maximum amount of work. If it fires at a wrong time, power will fail and fuel consumption and emission will surely increase. That is why to provide accuracy in generating perfect spark timing; all its components must function at its peak as well as equipping it with high performance and reliable ignition parts such as the Scion distributor rotor. This is the device that routes the high voltage in an exact firing order to the spark plugs.

The prime task of the Scion distributor rotor is to distribute the high voltage from the coil to the right cylinder. This is mounted at the upper end of the distributor shaft. It spins inside the cap as it receives the current coming from the ignition coils and directs it through the copper portion of the cap and then to the spark plugs. The distributor rotor rotates past a series of contacts, one contact per cylinder. When the tip of the rotor passes each contact, a high voltage pulse is produced by the coil. The pulse arcs across the small gaps between the rotor and the contact and is then distributed down to the spark plug wire and then to the spark plug on the appropriate cylinder.

When doing a tune-up, the most common parts you replace are the distributor rotor and the cap. These eventually wear out due to constant bombarding of high voltage every time your engine is running. Since the distributor plays a crucial part for a timed spark, it must be inspected as well as replaced periodically. If not, engine misfires can happen, causing your engine to run roughly, stalls, surges, and gets poor furl mileage as well as emissions.

The Scion distributor rotor is engineered to match all Scion model's specifications. This is made to replace and restore your damaged OEM distributor rotor. This is expected to function at its full potential all throughout its lifespan, so you are guaranteed by its high performance, longer service, and efficiency.

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