The ignition system in your Saturn is responsible for starting and running the engine. It works by sensing engine position and conditions and creates a high-energy spark inside the engine's cylinders at exactly the right timing. It is an integral part of the entire engine system for it manages the timely burning of the air and fuel mixture. It is powered by several ignition components and this includes the distributor. This is a device that efficiently routes the high voltage into the correct firing order and into the spark plugs. Its complete assembly is composed of the distributor cap, ignition wires, and the Saturn distributor rotor. All these are liable for an effective spark distribution into each cylinder.

The Saturn distributor rotor is housed inside the distributor cap. Its metal part connects to the central high voltage cable from the coil using a spring loaded carbon brush. The coil is connected to the distributor rotor, which rotates inside the cap. The rotor rotates past a series of contacts, one contact at each cylinder. When the tip of the rotor passes each contact, a high voltage pulse is generated from the coil. This pulse arcs and jumps between the small gaps of the rotor and the contact and then continues to pass down the spark plug wire and into the spark plug at the corresponding cylinder. This is how the entire process of spark timing works via the distributor.

When doing a tune-up, one of the common parts you replace is the distributor cap and the rotor. These parts frequently receives their share of everyday wear and tear due to the high voltage arcing. Also, the spark plug wires gradually deteriorate and over time, they lose some of their electrical insulations. This can cause failing in the engine system. An engine that gets poor fuel economy runs rough, stalls, surges, releases poor emissions are clear signs of a potential ignition problems. To ensure better engine performance, thorough ignition parts inspection must be done such as checking your distributor rotors condition.

The Saturn distributor rotor is made as a direct replacement for your stock and defective OEM rotors. This is engineered to follow every Saturn model specifications. It is made to have precise features and details that can match or outdo your original part. With this installed in your model, you can have the benefit of its high efficiency and long-term service.

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