In order to fire up your engine and keep your vehicle operating at its best, electrical power from the car's ignition is required—through the distributor rotor of your Porsche 911, the current will be directed to the spark plugs. The Porsche 911 distributor rotor provides spark and achieves needed timing for ignition. With no high-performance rotor that keeps a continuous supply of electricity, you may have to be ready for bad ignition efficiency that will bring about lots of issues on your car.

Since it carries high electric current all the time, the distributor rotor of your Porsche 911 will get damaged eventually. A defective Porsche 911 distributor rotor might the effect of this component's contact with extreme temperature level and road situations that put stress on the automotive engine. It's highly advised that you examine the distributor rotor during routine checkup or after every two years of service to find out if it is in great shape. In order to protect against backfires and various ignition trouble on your Porsche 911, fix a faulty or corroded distributor rotor and replace it if needed.

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