The Pontiac Parisienne distributor rotor's real job is to ensure that electrical power generated through the ignition system is going to be directed efficiently to the plugs to fire up the automobile engine and keep the motor vehicle working. The Pontiac Parisienne distributor rotor transmits spark and guarantees needed ignition timing. An excellent rotor is required to distribute a high electric current to ensure on-time ignition.

Since it deals with electricity constantly, the distributor rotor of your Pontiac Parisienne may come apart over time. A damaged Pontiac Parisienne distributor rotor could the effect of its contact with extreme temperature level and driving situations that can put pressure on the car engine. It's certainly suggested that you examine the distributor rotor during regular tuneup or after every two years of service to find out if the rotor is in great condition. Do not enable a rusty distributor rotor to cause inconvenient ignition trouble—use a reliable stock replacement to match your Pontiac Parisienne.

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