The Pontiac Lemans distributor rotor's purpose is to make sure that electrical power from ignition will be transported successfully to the ignition plugs to fire up the automobile engine and keep the vehicle moving. The Pontiac Lemans distributor rotor makes it possible to deliver spark in perfect timing. A decent rotor is required to deliver a high electric current for on-time ignition.

The distributor rotor of your Pontiac Lemans can get damaged after a while because it would eventually get burned as a result of the high electric current this ignition component handles. A defective Pontiac Lemans distributor rotor may the effect of the rotor's contact with intense heat and driving conditions that can cause tension on the car engine. Don't forget to check the distributor rotor for whatever sign of deterioration during repair and maintenance or after you meet a specified mileage point or service life. Don't make it possible for a rusty distributor rotor to cause frustrating ignition failure—look for a reliable stock replacement for your Pontiac Lemans.

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