In order to start your automobile engine and keep your vehicle running properly, high voltage of electricity coming from the car's ignition is needed—through the distributor rotor of your Pontiac Bonneville, electricity is going to be transmitted to the ignition system plugs. The Pontiac Bonneville distributor rotor helps deliver electrical power when needed. A good rotor is necessary to deliver a high voltage of electricity to guarantee hassle-free ignition.

The distributor rotor of your Pontiac Bonneville could get damaged after some time, as it could ultimately get overheated from the high electric current the part delivers. When confronted with intense heat and rough road situations, the Pontiac Bonneville distributor rotor could become rusty or absolutely ruined. Don't forget to examine the distributor rotor for any sign of damage during maintenance or after a certain number of miles or service life. In order to protect against engine misfires and many ignition trouble on your Pontiac Bonneville, take care of a worn or rusty distributor rotor and get a new one if necessary.

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