The Plymouth Sundance distributor rotor's real job is to ensure that high electric current generated through car ignition will be transmitted easily to the ignition plugs to fire up the automobile engine and keep the car moving. The Plymouth Sundance distributor rotor helps deliver ignition at the required time. Without a fully functional rotor that sustains a constant supply of electricity, you'll have to suffer from bad car ignition results that will cause serious problems on your automobile.

Since it carries electricity constantly, the distributor rotor of your Plymouth Sundance could get damaged eventually. When subjected to intense heat and rough road environment, the Plymouth Sundance distributor rotor would get corroded or totally damaged. Don't forget to look at the distributor rotor for any kind of wear and tear during repair and maintenance or after you reach a specified mileage or service life. Don't enable a rusty distributor rotor to trigger frustrating car ignition trouble—install a durable rotor for your Plymouth Sundance.

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