In able to fire up your automobile engine and keep your car running at its best, high electric current coming from the ignition system is necessary—with help from the distributor rotor of your Plymouth Laser, the high voltage will be transported to the ignition plugs. The Plymouth Laser distributor rotor transmits spark and guarantees perfect timing to ignite spark plugs. If not for a perfectly working rotor that keeps a continuous supply of electrical power, you will have to deal with bad ignition system efficiency that will lead to lots of problems on your motor vehicle.

Because this ignition part transports electricity regularly, the distributor rotor of your Plymouth Laser could come apart eventually. Once subjected to high temperatures and rough road conditions, the Plymouth Laser distributor rotor can be filled with rust or absolutely worn. Take time to inspect the distributor rotor for any kind of wear and tear when performing maintenance or after you reach a specified mileage or service years. Don't allow a rusty distributor rotor to set off frustrating car ignition trouble—install a snug-fit rotor for your Plymouth Laser.

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